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A thick consistency to ensure for a smooth application whilst still giving an insane colour tint and velvety matte finish.

Combined with a drag-free applicator that ensures a seamless glide for maximum precision and effect, all you need is a pea-sized amount of product for a high impact finish. Provides stay-true colour for a long-wearing, non-feathering and non-bleeding application.


Unlike most lip products in the industry, our P.Louise Lip Base does not flake off or crack and layering is not necessary. With the P.Louise Lip Base, the smallest amount goes the longest way. Guaranteeing extended longevity within anyone’s

Formulated with the benefits of Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Hyaluronic Acid for a creamy, nourishing and smooth formula – designed to help you create the most kissable of lips.

Complete with an ambrosial vanilla scent for added luxury.

Perfect for use on the lips and also as a blush tint.

Available in 11 beautiful shades:

Left On Red: A bold and intense true-tone red.

– Unbutton: A electric and vivid orange-toned shade.

– Relentless Rouge: A deep and rich burgundy hue
with a warm undertone.

– Solo Nude: A warm and true taupe brown nude.

– Semi-Nude: A light peachy nude with a subtle beige-pink undertone.

– Whipped: A vibrant punchy peach tone with a soft-coral undertone.

– Bad Intentions: A deep earthy brown shade with an intense terracotta undertone.

– Devour: A vivid coral shade with a subtle touch of vibrant orange.

– Classy: A mid-tone coral with a deep peach undertone.

– Stark Naked: A soft and light muted nude with a golden-brown undertone.

– All Night: An intense brick red hue with a medium brown undertone.

Plouise lip base



Classy, Devour, Semi nude, Unbutton, Whipped



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